ball python rack size. Ball python hatchlings are approximately 10 inches in length. Conversely, you can increase/decrease the amount of ventilation the enclosure receives. Custom Reptile Racks Made to Order at Olympian Exotics!. This tub is perfect for breeder male ball pythons, female adult ball pythons that aren’t too massive, as well as any other species similar in size. An average ball python can live for as long as 20 to 30 years or longer; The ball python stays smaller than most snakes, growing to between 3 to 5 feet in length; Having a pet snake is cool, because it’s not a common pet; and ball pythons come in tons of different colors and designs, like the banana ball python. Try browsing the Ball Pythons Index if you're looking for something specific. 5" x 21") This rack is ideal for ball pythons, Colubrids, Gecko Colonies & More! Vision Racks are known for being the best rack at the best price! Durable, easy to use, and inexpensive to ship!. They require only a screwdriver to reassemble, and the tubs can be purchased at your local walmart or target. Baby ball pythons will feel most secure and will thrive in either a 10-20 gallon tank or a 6-12 qt tub (for rack systems). The most important step to choosing the right type of enclosure is ensuring that it provides your python with adequate room. These 6 qt bins are also great because the perch is only a few inches above the bottom of the tub, making it easier for your baby Chondro to find its meals and water dish. The ball python is small compared to some other species of python but maintains a large head and bulky build. I design the racks so that the cable runs along the back 25% of the cage, and generally find this offers a temperature in the region of 30'C. Freedom Breeder Reptile Tub - Size - 846x330x135mm. We have loved it so much, we are now planning on purchasing one for each of our current reptiles. Plug in radiant heat panels (set on timer, on at 7am, off at 10pm) Plug in lights (set on timer, on at 9am, off at 8pm) Place large water bowel in enclosure. 15 WITH the Premium Package +$207. We incubate our ball pythons at 88 degrees and usually see them starting to hatch at about day 55-58. Gives them plenty of room to cool off at from the warm side of the tub. Tub size can vary with personal preference and species preference. Aim for a total of about 6 to 8 square feet of space. lead times - as many of you know the demand for our product has outnumbered our resources to provide products in a reasonable time. The ONLY Ball Python Care Guide Needed!. A ball who regularly refused food as a baby may grow up smaller than one who ate every rat offered. The eggs may start to dimple as the embryos absorb more yolk and get closer to hatching. BREEDER FEMALES: Large Adults: Freedom Breeder FB70 tubs (33. For more information, check out How It Works. Quality captive bred and select African Import ball pythons available, straight from the source – Save money and buy direct online! Overnight shipping with Live Arrival guarantee. Height and depth should equal to at least a bare minimum of 15 inches/38 cm. The ball python (Python regius), also called the royal python, is a python species native to West and Central Africa, where it lives in grasslands, shrublands and open forests. A big male may get as high as 1,500 or a bit more. Custom Cages manufactures high quality custom snake cages and snake enclosures under the brand names Hybrid and Majestic. A ball python care sheet on Kingsnake. 95Add to cart Plastic Frame Caps $8. Ball pythons are the perfect size for many snake keepers. Ball Python Enclosure Ideas and Ideal Size Guide. Ball pythons (python regius) are a relatively small, thick-bodied species of python featuring a slender neck. 5 weeks if offering a large meal. Height: at least a quarter of the snake's adult length. Rack systems-- You can also design your ball python cage setup around a rack system. SHIPPING ON ALL RACKS IS INVOICED AFTER PURCHACE FB70 Rack for Large adult Ball Pythons and similar size snakes The Dragonhaus FB70 Rack is a system designed to fit the larger Freedom Breeder FB70 brand reptile breeding/keeping tubs. Ball pythons don't display any unique social behaviors, like garter snakes. generally move their new clutch to labeled containers in hatchling racks. Width: at least a quarter of the snake's adult length. We carry feeders and almost every supply you would need for your reptile. At KP we recommend keeping your Ball Python in a PVC (or well-sealed wood) snake enclosure or a rack system. Yes, you can have 1-3 tubs per shelf! This rack is available in our "Standard. Is that size appropriate for an active adult corn? I would like to go bigger I love the idea of a rack . Power Transmission Products ; Linear Motion Products ; Ball Screws; 10Pcs Ball Plunger, Ball Catch Latch Catcher for Door Cabinet Cl; $5 10Pcs Ball Plunger, Ball Catch Latch Catcher for Door Cabinet Cl Industrial Scientific Power Transmission Products Linear Motion Products Ball Screws 10Pcs,Catch,Industrial Scientific , Power Transmission Products , Linear Motion Products , Ball Screws,Ball. Obtain a tub of appropriate size. Ball python hatchlings are about 10 inches long. Today's video we get an update on some on my favourite Ball Pythons in the collection. It also seems safe to say that your ball python will never reach seven feet, and will probably top out at under 4 feet if male and five feet or less if female. Some ball pythons will grow much quicker, reaching 1kg by 2 years of age, while others only by 2. In fact, they have a variety of uses, including store displays, at-home use, or for breeding. Let’s take a look at our favorite terrariums for ball pythons. The name "ball python" refers to its tendency to. 25" tall VE 108-23 tub measures 22. Just like with the leopard gecko bins, once you’ve set up one snake bin, all you need to do is replicate the process for the remainder of the bins. Females are larger and can reach somewhere between three and five feet when fully grown. Perfect for adult Ball Pythons and any other species of snake or lizard similar in size. Our reptile cages, snake cages and lizard cages are all manufactured in the USA, and our company is based in Wisconsin, USA. there are no racks/tubs large enough for adult ball pythons. Breeding female pythons should be healthy and thick. First thing in making these you need to get your dimensions and cut your shelf according to your desired size. Last edited by Snakes1; 03-03-2017 at 05:49 AM. Adult female ball pythons average 3 to 5 feet long, and adult male ball pythons average 2 to 3 feet in size. Best Ball Python Enclosure (And The One Feature It Must. and made to order to your specifications. Ball Python Terrarium Setup. Large rectangular shape enclosure will help create an ideal temperature gradient. 25" tall The VE-6E Rack features: Rounded front edges 4" THG Belly heat through all shelves. Ball Python Tub size Tub size should be based on the size of your ball python. Reptile Racks Due to high lead times we are now offering making 30% (Non-Refundable) deposits to reserve your spot in our manufacturing queue and allocate your parts & materials for your order. Gives them plenty of room to cool off from the warm side of the tub. The second method (used more commonly by breeders) is in a rack system. The tubs are approximately 40qts and are INCLUDED with this rack. Unlike competing products, these have the door offset so your snake can really feel secure rather than much of the front being exposed. Currently, we have 27 ball pythons and 1 Angolan python in our collection and photos of those animals are available on the "Our Collection" page. Humidity is between 58-75 depending on where the water bowl is. 5", and on the ends the clearance is 20". A monster female may approach six feet and is a very impressive animal. Ball python reproduction traits (clutch size, clutch mass, relative clutch mass, egg mass, hatch rate, egg length, egg width, hatchling mass, healthy offspring per clutch, week laid, and days of incubation) were recorded for the clutches laid during this study. Hatchling Rack Tubs - The V-15 Hatchling tub - 18″ x 5″ x 3. This is another option based entirely on personal preference. How to Build a Ball Python Egg Incubator: This is an incubator I built to hatch out Ball Python eggs. The clearance on the long side between the legs is 31. Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high. Females are generally slighter longer and can reach 6 feet, whereas males are usually smaller where they reach 5 feet. Perfect for young colubrids and hatchling boas and pythons. If there is anything you are looking for ask and we will see what we can do for you. 99 (6 new offers) Durham 305B-95 Cold Rolled Steel Heavy Duty Triple Track Bearing Slide Rack FOR 5 Large Compartment Boxes, 375 lbs Capacity, 12-1/2" Length x 20-1/2" Width x 21" Height, Gray Powder Coated Finish. Twenty-five of them were male, nine were female, and one was juvenile of undetermined sex. CHEAT SHEET – How to set up a ball python enclosure with 5 key essentials: Enclosure size: Relatively large. If you are breeding ball pythons or larger species of . With 21 quarts of volume, the V-35 tub is the perfect size for housing an adult ball python. I design the racks so that the cable runs along the back 25% of the cage, and generally find this offers a temperature in the region of 30’C. 12220 Southeastern Ave, Building #3, Indianapolis, Indiana 46259. We offer 120-gallon wood reptile enclosures. All of our ID codes can be dissected for the following information. Ball pythons are considered to be small when compared to other species in the Python family. A glass aquarium with a secure ventilated top (screen wire or perforated metal) makes a satisfactory cage. Rack housing systems for snakes have become increasingly popular and are widely used; however, from an animal welfare perspective, they are no alternative to furnished terrariums. 25" tall VE 108-11 tub measures 22. Most ball python rack systems use tubs of 30"+ x 18" x 6" high. Follow these steps to create a safe tub enclosure for your python. Choose a cage large enough to comfortably accommodate your python and its natural behaviors – aim for 6 to 12 square feet of space for an adult ball python. But, how can I know the size without asking? So, maybe I worded the question wrong. Dragonhaus, LLC provides only the best habitats for the highest quality of life for your snakes, lizards, spiders, and more! Our PVC enclosures, racks, and incubators not only offer the proper necessities needed for your reptile but also offer some of the LOWEST prices on the market! Shop today to get the best Reptile supplies, Sustainable tanks, and Small Animal housing around!. Basic rule of thumb: make sure that the tub side length is at least equal to . Many factors may influence a ball python’s adult size. Vivarium Electronics CB70 3 Tub Series 2 Rack. WITH the 5 CB-70 Clear Tubs and tub shipping fee +$144. Recommended to go for a 120 gallon or larger, one size fits all enclosure. As for me, I keep my ball python cages between 80° and 95° (F). injection molded heavy 1/8" polypropylene. The size of your enclosure should not exceed one and half times the length of your snake . As we add new tub sizes to our lineup, our racks will eventually hold nearly ANY size reptile on a single frame! Lockable Hangers & Tubs Optimize Your Workspace Lockable Hangers & Tubs. Featuring VE tubs- These tubs have smooth, easy to clean bottoms. lead times - as many of you know the demand for our product has outnumbered our …. Baby Pastel Ball Pythons 100% Het for Red Axanthic. CHEAT SHEET – How to set up a ball python enclosure with 5 key essentials: Enclosure size: Relatively …. As we add new tub sizes to our lineup, our racks will eventually hold nearly ANY size reptile on a single frame! our racks will eventually hold nearly ANY size reptile on a single frame! Lockable Hangers & Tubs Optimize Your Workspace but orders for these. ) This enclosure comes standard with a slide door and equipped with a lock. The creator created a five-level rack out of ½ inches PVC and you will need a drywall sheet, circular saw, ½ PVC sheet, straight boards, etc. 2 Weeks (depending on order size) - Updated: March 29th 2022. In Part 1 of the study, ball pythons (n = 35) were housed individually in a conventional rack system. (The bottom lip of the enclosure will be 2" taller to adequately fit all your layers. Used for breeding and housing snakes, these snake cages, snake racks, snake tubs and more are the most high quality, versatile reptile racks available . Here are the minimum tub sizes I would recommend for ball pythons: If you are not using a rack, please make sure you buy the tubs with a . Juveniles will eat one adult mouse in a week. I cut grommet holes and used no more nails to secure the grommets in place (one top and one bottom). The quality is amazing, delivery was quick, and assembly was extremely easy! Fred Pritchett. It's between 73-78, ambient and surface. Let's take a look at our favorite terrariums for ball pythons. Luckily for you, ball pythons (aka Python regius) are not particularly fussy and are quite easy to take care of. We now build quality PVC enclosures and Rack systems. Tub size should be based on the size of your ball python. What exactly does this do? It allows one to keep 10 additional animals in the rack. 00Add to cart LATEST FROM FB SOCIAL MEDIA. We house all of our snakes in Reptile Systems from ARS Caging and Freedom Breeder. Ball pythons are actually extremely easy to take care of. XR55 - 55 Series Rack - 12 TUB (1 or 2 heat zones) - STACKABLE. Whats up guys, Will back with RCR. ALL RACKS MUST BE PLUGGED INTO A THERMOSTAT. Best match; New arrivals; Name; Product ID; Highest price; Lowest price; Vivarium Electronics VE-2 Rack. This size will help us provide the benefits of a tub/rack system with added enrichment by upgrading soon. A care sheet written by professional breeders Dave and Tracy Barker recommends a gradient of 77° – 88° (F). The length of the cage should be at least the length of the snake from nose to tail tip. At XYZReptiles we have had the benefit of producing ball pythons for the last 3 decades and we can give you guaranteed genetics, healthy animals and competitive prices. Your heat pad MUST be regulated by a thermoSTAT. I show how the tub size translates to the dimension for all the final cu. Ball Pythons require sufficiently large tanks for their respective age and size. we recommend a minimum enclosure size of 4'x2'x2', which is also a good size . Approximate cost before prey or ball python purchase: $820 USD Keep in mind that everything should be purchased and set up BEFORE you get the snake. Here's how to set up a plastic tub for a BP, including a heat mat. Payment must be made IN-FULL prior to completion of order. Being relatively inactive (usually more active at night), an enclosure of about 30 gallons in size is great for an adult ball python. Vision Cages offers python cages and enclosures that are stackable and easy to maintain. Adult Ball Pythons can be housed comfortably in an enclosure with the dimensions 36-inch x 18-inch x 12-inch. These snakes live in holes underground in Africa. Here is a rundown of the minimum recommended dimensions for your ball python vivarium, based on the snake’s size: Hatchlings (up to 300g): 10 gallon enclosure, measuring approx 20’’x11’’x13’’. These are the new Vivarium Electronics VE-6E Racks. Vivarium Electronics CB70 3 Tub Series 2 Rack for sale. BlackBox Ball Python Enclosure Setup. Uniformity works well when it comes to rack systems. The CB-70/Super 70 rack will house about any Ball Python you will ever own and boas up to about 4 feet. Re: Tub Sizes? 6 qt for hatchlings 15qt for 150 gram to 400 grams 28qt rack for all mid size snakes 34 and 40qt tubs for breeding females. Ball Python Morphs/Imports & Cocoblox. What's the minimal size to house the animal comfortably? So, a 34x18. An easy way to adjust humidity levels in your enclosure is by increasing/decreasing the size of the water bowl. We look at the features that matter and choose the top Substrate For Ball Python Rack based on that. Ball Python Care Sheet I Learn How To Care For Your Ball. 15% coupon applied at checkout. The warm hide just above gets to about 88-92. I will be looking for plastic tubs 24" wide by 30" if possible. Plastic storage boxes, with numerous perforations for ventilation, can be satisfactorily used to maintain ball pythons. If you are only keeping a small number of ball pythons and do not want a rack system then I recommend using a RUB set up. On average, the lifespan of a ball python is around 30 years when given proper care. Python Passion is located in Maryville, Tennessee, just south of Knoxville, and specializes in captive bred ball pythons. The Freedom Breeder FB70 is the staple tub used by the world's biggest breeder's, zoo's and Universities. Fits well inside the 28-32 qt tubs. Adding the additional racks on top allowed me to store more Breeders in them and more babies. The name "ball python" refers to its tendency to curl into a ball when stressed or frightened. Ideally four latches, one on each side of the tub. We recommend choosing one of the following setups: Radiant Heat Panel and LED. When building and laying eggs, female lemon blast ball pythons need higher humidity and privacy. Snakes such as ball pythons do quite well in rack systems. What makes the best enclosure for a ball python? Size is the most important factor. In this video we build out new VE-CB70 3 high Rack. My ball python is about 6 years old and roughly 4 feet long and he fits cozily in the "large" size without having too much room for a hide. The minimum is two latches one on either end. The Versa-Rack is safe, strong, dependable and highly versatile. 3 inches high) BREEDER MALES: Large Adults: Freedom Breeder FB20 tubs (21. Ball Python Enclosures & Tanks. I bought a 4x2x2 Kage enclosure for my boy Draco (ball python). The dimensions can be 36 x 18 x 18 inches for a smaller snake and 48 x 24 x 24 for a lager python. We use 5 different professional rack models. We produce all of our own ball python for sale in our 12,000sf facility located in the great state of Oklahoma. As we add new tub sizes to our lineup, our racks will eventually hold nearly ANY size reptile on a single frame! Lockable Hangers & Tubs. Ball pythons for sale cheap with live arrival guarantee and overnight shipping! Our cheap ball pythons for sale are young healthy specimens of the highest quality. The Freedom Breeder FB70 is the staple tub used by the world’s biggest breeder’s, zoo’s and Universities. We appreciate your patience as we work to get rack orders out as fast as we can. A ball python's cage must not be shorter than 75-90% length of your ball python (same length or greater is preferred). Ball python (Python regius)Thirty-five ball pythons (Python regius) were used for this study (see Table 1). Ball python eggs incubate for 54 to 60 days. Ball pythons up to 1000 grams Boas up to 3. The females need bigger tubs than the males. Complete Ball Python Breeding Guide: Timeline, Incubation. Our main goal at … Best Price Ball Pythons For Sale Read More ». WE DO NOT EVER cut ball python eggs before the clutch begins to hatch on it's own. Otherwise, it will feel stressed and could fall ill and eventually die. Or if you wait, one of the bigger pet chain stores often has a $1 per gallon sale on. Plenty of space for ball pythons, colubrids and other medium sized snakes! The Vivarium Electronics CB70-3 Series II uses Iris® CB-70 model tub. The racks look like they will last many decades due to being made so well. Bigger is better - as long as you provide enough hides etc. For sub-adult females and adult males, generally represented by a snake that is 18 . Baby python racks to choose from include: 5 and 7 QT tubs, rack levels ranging from 8-18, and storing anywhere from 32 to 108 tubs! V-15 Baby Python Racks V-15 Tub Hatchling Rack 8 Levels, 48 Tubs $695. We still have a few hold-over racks constructed out of melamine. 25" W x 6" HChoose from several configurations, . Step one – Drill holes in each snake bin. all feature some version of tan markings on a chocolate or black background, edged with varying degrees. The 10 Best Substrates and Beddings for Ball Pythons 2022. BlackBox PVC Snake Racks are the best in the market. We do also have some subadult boas and adult corns in these enclosures. Whether you choose a cage or a tank for your snake, make sure that the enclosure is well-ventilated. This tutorial shows you how to build an Fb40 rack for a ball python. Little Custom XPVC 6 Bin Hatchling Rack. The V-70 tub is compatible with both the V-70 snake racks and V-35 snake racks. The rodent should be as large as the thickest part of your snake, which will ensure a safe size. The most correct thing to do is to weigh your ball python and mice, and calculate percentages as shown in the first table. Keith Williams, a local councilor, was waiting for a hit of caffeine as he. Ball pythons are not terribly active snakes, so a smaller enclosure is fine (10-20 gallon tank for younger snakes, 30 gallon tank for an adult). Our trademarked design does not only provide a sleek and clean look, but also a. 99Select options ProLine 1133-20 $2,299. Our python cages can host many python snake types such as Burmese pythons and Reticulated pythons. JKR ProTip: How we house our ball pythons from hatchling through adult, which rack models and tub sizes we use for each life stage and size . Why Buy Your Racks From Reptile Basics? 15 years of experience building and shipping racks to users large and small. I've been trying to find a decent(and possibly affordable) rack system that isn't massive. Ball Pythons grow on average to a length of 4-6 feet. Stackable also with dowel pins provided. This will save you a lot of stress, and does your new pet a big favor, too. A ball python out in the wild will live most of its life in small burrows and not be out moving around much besides looking for a mate. Ball Python Substrate Option 3. This keeps them safe and secure and easy to keep track of. 3 years old and over (adult) Once in 2-2. 5′, ball pythons 2000 grams and up, large adult colubrids. There are other costs of ball python ownership that need to be considered, too. Some have even surpassed 40! This makes caring for a ball python a long-term commitment that. In this study, we therefore evaluated two types of housing systems for ball pythons (Python regius) by considering the welfare aspect animal behavior. An adult snake needs an enclosure at least as long as the full length of its body so that it can stretch out fully. 3" Ideal for ball pythons (or similarly sized snakes) over 2000g Can be used for rodent colony breeding Injection molded - Flat or with deli-cup holder (see options) Available in both Grey and Semi-clear (see options) Ships (Max: 5) per box. The standard rule for ball python terrarium size is this: Length: at least the same length as the adult snake. Racks are modular and stack so you can expand when you need to! 18 item(s) - Page 1 of 1 Sort. Browse 30172 Ball Python morphs for sale in the United States by genes color-coded to show dominance and zygosity. It won’t matter much if your ball python is housed in a rack or an opaque plastic tub, but display enclosures will require more thought. I'm new to the ball python hobby and I searched and researched many of the racks available on the Internet as well as the local reptile shows. CHEAT SHEET - How to set up a ball python enclosure with 5 key essentials: Enclosure size: Relatively large. Our expert staff will help you through every step of the process from choosing your baby ball python to pro care tips and even professional breeding advice. ” Some snake keepers, and especially breeders, keep their ball pythons in a rack system. Choose from recessed back or belly heat. The Python regius, or the Royal Python, is native to grassland and shrublands of west and central Africa, and get its more common name "Ball Python" for their habit to curl up into a tight ball. If you are looking for a rack for your male and female ball pythons to mate in, we. Features: You don’t need heaps of features, but useful ones. In addition to providing quality snakes, Ball Pythons, colubrids, Boas and Geckos. Contact; About Freedom Breeder Rack Systems I just wanted to tell you I loved the CB70 rack and my other rack that holds 80 smaller Ball Pythons. 31 inches tall (Rack Footprint: 18. Scale-Box custom PVC reptile enclosures and reptile racks are built to your specific needs with your reptile in mind. With 50 quarts of volume, the V-70 tub is the perfect size for housing an adult ball python. Don't forget your thermostat! All OF OUR RACK PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HEAT. Payment must be made IN-FULL …. Python Cages & Enclosures. Assembly is quick and easy, and once assembled additional levels of breeder tubs can be added in just a few minutes. I only want about 10ish racks for ball pythons, and I don't need anything fancy but every one I find with google searching seems to only come up with racks at are 2k or 3k or more. Index shows frequency of each trait count and links to ads for sale. Cutting Up the Particle Boards · The snake rack would have two sides. Juvenile ball pythons seem to do well in small enclosures, but an adult needs an enclosure at least 36x18x12 inches, larger in many cases. 10-14 days, gradually decrease. For example, for a juvenile ball python, you can get a bag of frozen adult mice like this. At this age, most of them have attained the minimum weight of 1,200g. However, larger female ball pythons measuring closer to six feet in length have been reported. 81 V-35 Tub Breeding Rack 7 Levels, 14 Tubs $657. 75" x 26") This rack is ideal for geckos, small colubrids, baby boas & pythons and more! Vision Racks are known for being the best rack at the best price! Durable, easy to use, and inexpensive to ship!. The average ball python size varies between males and females. Reptile & Rodent Rack Systems, Reptile & Rodent Tubs, CocoBlox™️, and Ball Python Morphs. This is a species in which mature females are typically much larger than the males. Depending on the size of tank that you get, you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 for a 20 gallon tank to up to $300 for a 40 gallon tank. But since it is 18″ long, it also serves as grow out rack for boa’s (from a hatchling to almost 3′) ball pythons (grow hatchlings to 800 grams), juvenile colubrids and adult leopard geckos. This easy-to-use rack allows for 3 of the CB-70 tubs (approximately 40 quarts). They are housed under optimum conditions and receive the best care possible by our dedicated staff. My last order from Freedom Breeder took about three weeks from order to delivery. They are inexpensive, easy to come by. So long as their bodies are rounded rather than triangular and their spines are not showing, your juvenile ball pythons are fine at any length. The v70 tub racks are an excellent size to hold full grown royal pythons, . Ball Python Care Sheet I Learn How To Care For Your …. For large snakes that grow up to 6 feet, select at least 50 gallon. Larger collectors and breeders can get by with a rack-type enclosure system, which is smaller and focused on keeping many snakes separated. It takes roughly 3 years for a pet snake to reach its adult maturity and full size. CB These are a visible het, and are not as bright as typical pastels, but very cool looking!. I keep my house heated to 76 just for the snake but that is. 41 V-15 Tub Hatchling Rack 10 Levels, 60 Tubs $844. This hide is good because the color and material help to retain heat better than other hides, which is beneficial if you have a hard time maintaining comfortable temperatures in your enclosure. An adult ball python should have a 40-gallon tank to move around in. It allows the hatchling's to feel comfortable as the tub is only 3. How To Care For A Ball Python (Complete Guide For New Snake. The shells also soften near the end of the incubation period. This tub is perfect for breeder male ball pythons, female adult ball pythons that aren't too massive, as well as any other species similar in size. Is a plastic tub suffice for a ball python? I've done my. Tub Size; Hatchling 60g – 500g. Large size Reptile hide boxes- 13. I just ordered my 11" flexwatt and Vivarium Electronics VE-200 thermostat. 40+ gallon tank or over for an adult – at least 36″ L x 18″ W (91 L x 46 W cm), and preferably 15+” H. The glass tank is very common for owners with just a few snakes or less. animal plastics has purchased another building and added another robotic cnc machine, and more staff. This is one that is approximately 16”x12”x7”. Ideal enclosure size for a ball python is under 10 gallons for hatchlings, 10 gallons for ball python of up to 4 months old, 20-30 gallons for 4-30 months, and 40+ gallons for 30 months and over. com recommends a thermal gradient of 82° - 90° (Fahrenheit). The measurements for the sides is 72 inches by 35 inches. The V-70 tub was created specifically for ball python breeding. Racks available for both the DIY'er and Plug and Play. Home > Caging > Reptile Rack Systems.